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  • n. Plural form of caff.


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  • About the tomato I care not a whit (Lidl's 39p a bottle stuff actually seems to be made of tomatoes and is not bad at all), but cheap brown sauce (as served in caffs from a greasy plastic bottle) is an abomination is the eyes of both God and Man.

    Capitalist Sauce Cartel Monopoly Shock Horror

  • In Italy we say a 'caffs', and we are not foolish enough to suppose that it means the coffee-house. "

    The Complete Memoirs of Jacques Casanova

  • I propose a chain of health-conscious caffs where the eggs are free-range, the tea and coffee are Fairtrade, and the sausages and bacon are cooked on George Foreman grills, right there at the table.

    Fast-food success in the UK requires a guilt-free form of gluttony . . .

  • This Staja was in a very like gloomy part of the town, but there were malenky workers 'caffs all around and I soon found one of these, my brothers.

    Where's the show?

  • I saw on someone's blog the other day that a top ten of roadside caffs was being assembled.

    Cafe Society

  • They definitely use a different set of muscles, and rely far more heavily on some others, particularly caffs and quads.

    Ditch Your Shoes For Better Runs | Lifehacker Australia

  • But unlike me, she doesn't spend a ridiculous amount of her spare time in mangy net caffs.

    Friends and Cockodiles

  • Music halls and early cinema, local pubs, transport caffs and village fishmongers were all, to differing degrees, motivated by the desire for a profit.

    What's Going On

  • Another contender for the Blooker include Egg, Bacon, Chips And Beans, a quirky tribute to greasy spoon caffs by US-based Brit, Russell Davies.

    Cooking the Blooks

  • In one of the odder moments of my early career, I was asked to do a survey of transport caffs.

    24 « October « 2008 « Stephen Rees's blog


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