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  • n. A cageling.


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  • In Connecticut they have a newsport,setting cage-bird on cage-bird,saffron finches and canariesfor preference.

    Peter Stothard - Times Online - WBLG:

  • Native species include the Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi, CR), a species endemic to Bali island and whose wild population fell to only six birds in 2001 due largely to trapping for the illegal cage-bird trade, and the Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi, EN), estimated to number around 300-450 surviving pairs.

    Biological diversity in Sundaland

  • She hopped onto his hand as obediently as a tamed cage-bird, and remained quiet and well-behaved.

    Winds Of Fate

  • National Association accomplished no other good, the stopping of the cage-bird traffic would be a sufficient reason for its organization.

    Ohio Arbor Day 1913: Arbor and Bird Day Manual Issued for the Benefit of the Schools of our State

  • "If men realised, as they realise that physical illness follows physical excess, that for every moment of pain unnecessarily inflicted upon any living creature -- a horse, a dog, a cage-bird -- they must suffer themselves a worse pang, would not the world be a better place?" he asked.

    The Orchard of Tears

  • Miss Beale, rushing across London in a taxi, reminded him of nothing more masterful than a cage-bird turned loose in a tempest.

    Number Seventeen

  • Pothinus finally discovered that he was having some difficulty in keeping his cage-bird contented.

    A Friend of Caesar A Tale of the Fall of the Roman Republic. Time, 50-47 B.C.

  • Agias was head over ears in love with this pretty little cage-bird shut up in

    A Friend of Caesar A Tale of the Fall of the Roman Republic. Time, 50-47 B.C.

  • So, stupefied with the gaiety of the 'faithful,' drunken with comradeship, scandal and asseveration, Mme. Verdurin, perched on her high seat like a cage-bird whose biscuit has been steeped in mulled wine, would sit aloft and sob with fellow-feeling.

    Swann's Way

  • "Better be a wood-bird than a cage-bird, you know," the old man whispered.

    The Eternal City


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