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  • adj. Without cake.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cake +‎ -less


  • At first glance I thought it said "cakeless," which is what these poor brides were - or wished they were!

    Wedding Wrecks

  • And this year I decided not to make my own cake and hubby didn't bother to get me one, so I was sadly cakeless!

    Birthday Cake Suggestions & a Job Interview!

  • I have seen some very pretty cakeless cakes that were of the meatloaf variety.

    The Cake Wrecks Correlation

  • I am all for celebrating with cake, I just think that some events should remain forever cakeless.

    Patriot Day

  • You make up for cakeless posts with the the ones that have cakes :o

    It's My Blog and I'll Flog if I Want To...

  • April 9, 2009 5:42 PM kosher and cakeless in VA said...


  • Roseless and cakeless on the Wednesday before Christmas, I choose, instead, to finish the two scarves I am knitting.

    Let Me Eat Cake

  • I was feeling bad for myself and my cakeless birthday this year, but not after seeing these cakes.

    Celebrity Wrecks

  • I couldn't possibly dream of going cakeless, so my friends and I brainstormed for the most bizarre cake wish we could think of...we finally picked after going through Dairy Queen's list of images they could ice onto the cake.

    Any Occasion Will Do

  • I may have to make this for myself, to make up for my cakeless day.

    Caramel Cake


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