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  • n. The condition of being calculable

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  • n. The quality of being calculable; capability of being calculated.


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  • Note 3: The concept "calculability" is at the heart of Max Weber's important work General Economic History, trans.

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  • But Horkheimer and Adorno equate formalism with the drive to make nature calculable, and calculability is assimilated to usefulness.

    Max Horkheimer

  • On the one hand, exact calculability and predictability in the social environment that formal rationalization has brought about dramatically enhances individual freedom by helping individuals to understand and navigate through the complex web of institutions in order to realize the ends of their own choice.


  • All this calculability and predictability in political, social, and economic spheres was not possible without changes of values in ethics, religion, psychology, and culture.


  • The enhanced calculability of the production process is also buttressed by that in non-economic spheres such as law and administration.


  • This search for exact calculability underpins such institutional innovations as monetary accounting (especially double-entry bookkeeping), centralization of production control, separation of workers from the means of production, supply of formally free labour, disciplined control on the factory floor, and other features that make modern capitalism qualitatively different from all other forms of economic life.


  • The much-discussed Protestant Ethic is only a minor part of Weber's general theory of capitalism, which focuses on institutions and practices that impede or foster calculability. back

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  • The Dutch created, in short, a realm of safety and calculability that nurtured commerce and industry.

    How Taiwan Became Chinese

  • The Princeton logician Alonzo Church had slightly outpaced Turing in finding a satisfactory definition of what he called ˜effective calculability.™

    Alan Turing

  • Another definition of effective calculability has been given by Church ¦ who identifies it with lambda-definability.

    Alan Turing


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