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  • n. The act or process of calendarizing.


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calendarize +‎ -ation


  • The fourth quarter reflects an operating pretax operating profit of over $700 million, capital spending greater than depreciation and amortization of $100 million, an adverse working capital change of $200 million, including the impact of lower payables due to production calendarization in North America largely associated with our model changeovers for the Explorer and Focus.

  • We'll be spending against it, but K-Cups will be profitable for us, so I don't expect that to particularly drive calendarization.

  • Is it safe to say that if comps just say were to remain at the same level throughout the year, that we should expect the calendarization of earnings growth maybe to start off slower and end up stronger?

  • And if you could maybe just give us some light on the calendarization of earnings growth.

  • We have had a lot of these discussions about the calendarization of the year but again I just want to emphasize that we did feel good enough of to say we didn't expect to be solidly profitable this year and given where we were, given three or four months ago that's a essentially that we have are really encouraged by the progress we had. Home Page

  • It also shows that this business does have a natural calendarization that tends to cause more installed and interconnects toward the end of the year. Home Page

  • Margins, they are always lower in Q1 than compared to the rest of the year and that is because, due to the calendarization of the quarters, we have less days in Q1 and therefore less services work.

    Hardware Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • So we were pleased that we saw slight consecutive growth through Q1 in terms of the calendarization, but obviously a very soft quarter.

    Retail Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • As Bob just took you through the U.S. and European results and expectations, I will focus my discussion on five specific topics; commodities, productivity, currency, calendarization and cash flow. Home Page

  • Turning to calendarization, we expect Q1 to be the softest by far. Home Page


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