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  • n. The use of calendar systems.


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calendar +‎ -ics


  • In China, Matteo Ricci is hailed as the Western world's greatest "foreign guest" to China for his contributions to Chinese science, cartography, calendrics, mathematics, and philosophy.


  • These differences between the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon and the Mayan calendar are too rarely pointed out and debated, with the consequence that it is not always easy for people, especially not for those new to Mayan calendrics, to make an informed choice about what calendar to choose.

    Month-end inventory (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Let us come down to earth again from the lofty astronomical and astrological realms of Maya calendrics and look at some concrete documentary evidence for the elusive Correlation Number which will allow us to make some sense out of all of this.

    Primary sources of Maya history - part four

  • According to these calendrics, they have been here for eleven hundred and eleven years.

    Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark: The Clan MacRieve

  • Many popular writers on the Maya have a superficial or completely skewed understanding of the Maya hieroglyphic writing system and Mesoamerican calendrics.

    Primary sources of Maya history - part three

  • Mesoamerican calendrics were based on nested cycles so it was not unexpected for one or another of the cycles to regularly hit the end and roll back to 0 on the cosmic trip odometer; the top-level “Long Count” simply runs out of digit places some time in 2012 in a sort of cosmological Y2K Bug and probably with about as much an impact.

    Friday! October 16 – The Bleat.

  • Missing from the film are any high moments of more than 1,000 years of ancient Maya civilization with advanced agronomy, medicine, astronomy, calendrics and trade.

    The Many Apocalypses of the Maya

  • At the risk of appearing obtusely resistant to Dr. and Mrs. Boorstin's "suggestive enticements," I continue to think that only some unfortunate accident can account for the presence of Moveable Feasts in the part of the bibliography devoted to "calendars and calendrics."

    'Moveable Feasts'

  • a bit of mayan calendrics for ya today is the beginning of the resonant moon. the day is yellow galactic human. just so you know violated ¤ virgin ¤ communicate ¤ others ¤ the army

    sillybitch Diary Entry


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