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  • v. To intentionally think about; to reflect upon.
  • v. To cause to think about; to evoke.


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  • Sit down a while before thou goest to bed, and consider with thyself what memorable thing thou hast seen, heard, or read that day, more than thou sawest, heardst, or knewest before, and make the best use of them; but especially call to mind what sin thou hast committed that day against God or man, and what good thou hast omitted, and humble thyself for both.

    The Practice of Piety: Directing a Christian How to Walk, that He May Please God.

  • The objection that religio could not be derived from religare, a verb of the first conjugation, is not of great weight, when we call to mind that opinio omes from opinari, and rebellio from rebellare.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • I often call to mind the occasions of knowing your worth, which the societies of Washington furnished; and none more than those derived from your much valued visit to Monticello. recognize the same motives of goodness in the solicitude you express on the rumor supposed to proceed from a letter of mine to Charles Thomson, on the subject of the Christian religion.


  • We all have to do a good deal of assuming, but I am fairly certain that in every case I can call to mind the Baconian assumers have come out ahead of the Shakespearites.

    Is Shakespeare Dead?

  • If thou hearest the cock crow, remember Peter, to imitate him (Luke xxii. 61, 62;) and call to mind that cock-crowing sound of the last trumpet, which shall waken thee from the dead.

    The Practice of Piety: Directing a Christian How to Walk, that He May Please God.

  • But I must repeat that I am not attempting a history of the war, only trying to follow in a weak, one-legged, halting manner, the boys of the 52d, in doing which I must call to mind the pleasant bivouac in the lovely

    How a one-legged rebel lives : reminiscences of the Civil War,

  • Your astonishment will cease, however, when you call to mind that Madame de la Sabliere's house, where I am going to spend a week, adjoins the grounds of your amiable widow.

    Ninon de L'Enclos the Celebrated Beauty of the 17th Century

  • Let those who would trace the onward march of American slavery, since the time of Washington and Jefferson, call to mind the difference between the principles avowed by them and those set up at the present day by the Mississippi Sharkeys and Virginia slave breeders for the market, who nominate the presidents, dictate the legislation, make tools of the politicians, and aspire, not unsuccessfully, to control the moral and religious sentiment of America!

    The White Slave or Memoirs of a Fugitive

  • The visible part of the organism of the coral polyps is composed of rays, from the sides of which spring secondary rays, the combination producing complex stars of great beauty and which call to mind the frost flowers, and the flowers into which some inorganic substances bloom as they crystallise.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • Alas, true brother and rescuer of my lost soul! though I am not worthy that you should speak to me or answer me, still take me to your true heart, and call to mind that in nothing can you be more true to God and act more like Him than in what you do for a cast-away sinner and an overburdened heart.

    The Life of Blessed Henry Suso by Himself.


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