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  • n. Alternative spelling of call graph.


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  • Best part is that he generates these by plucking off dead parts of the Mozilla callgraph via static analysis.

    Planet Mozilla

  • DTraceToolkit (a suite of programs that give lots and lots of information based on dtrace) like bunch of stuff for MySQL internals analysis. one very very simple tool which visualizes dtrace output, so we can have graphviz based SVG callgraph for pretty much any type of probe (like, who in application does expensive file reads) - all from a single dtrace oneliner.

    domas mituzas: vaporware, inc.

  • I'd be especially interested in whether the massif visualizer helps in the work flow to analyze massif data files. callgraph of detailed massif snapshot generate massif log, one way or the other (unit tests preferred since they give you reproducible test cases) open log in massif-visualizer, look at overall consumption chart how does the memory consumption evolve? is there a memleak? are there designated peaks which could be reduced? are there any (significant) contributions to the memory consumption, that needlessly stay over the whole application life? to find the actual culprits in code and/or to grasp the composition of a memory peak, use the detailed snapshot analysis

    Planet KDE


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