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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of callus.
  • adj. Having calluses.


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  • A muscular, taciturn man with callused hands and a sunburned face, Hart normally pounds rock for oil or water.

    Jeff Hart, Chile Mine Driller From Denver, Becomes Rescue Hero

  • "He came off the court with a sore shoulder, his hand was callused, he has never had to work so hard," said Donna McKennon, Max's mother, after her son lost a two-hour, 45-minute match.

    Is Tennis Getting Too Soft?

  • He had the ragged look she recognized as Vegas having run somebody down - shaggy dark hair hid his face, but his hands were callused, one thin scar creeping up the back of his hand toward his wrist.


  • His cheeks curved up in amusement as he reached out to run a lightly callused thumb over my lower lip.

    Brush of Darkness

  • His hands are callused and hardened and she likes this about him.


  • I refuse to get callused on technology-we humans do have great imaginations and it is sci FICTION.

    UPDATED: Three clips from BBC's DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS mini-series

  • It remained a comfort and blessing to know that no matter where my life took me, his strong arms and callused hands would always be there to catch me and keep me safe should I fall.

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad

  • And afterward, as she began drifting to sleep with their bodies still joined, he cradled her face with his callused palms, brushing kisses over her forehead, her cheeks.

    Dreams of a Dark Warrior

  • The blunt-fingered, callused hands clenching the back of a chair.

    Earl of Durkness

  • Everything to do with the warm, callused grip of the man holding her.

    Earl of Durkness


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