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  • n. See kalpa.


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  • The mea calpa (ph) came after he was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer, the result of a life-long smoking habit.

    CNN Transcript Aug 12, 2002

  • By the first _calpa_ it was found that the succession of

    History of the Incas

  • Orders were given to proceed with the ceremony of the _calpa_, and Cusi

    History of the Incas

  • His reply was that his son Ninan Cuyoche was to succeed, if the augury of the _calpa_ gave signs that such succession would be auspicious, if not his son Huascar was to succeed.

    History of the Incas

  • Tomay-huaraca set out for Ichu-pampa, first making sacrifices and blowing out the lungs of an animal, which they call _calpa_.

    History of the Incas

  • He collected a great number of men, made sacrifices _calpa_ [98], and buried some children alive, which is called _capa cocha_, to induce their idols to favour them in that war.

    History of the Incas

  • Cuzco, having first offered sacrifices and observed the _calpa_ [116].

    History of the Incas

  • "At the close of the last calpa there was a general destruction, caused by the sleep of Brahma, whence his creatures, in different worlds, were drowned in a vast ocean ....

    Atlantis : the antediluvian world


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