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  • n. Plural form of calutron.


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  • It relies upon thousands of linked separators, also known as "calutrons" to create U-238 from non-fissionable U-235.

    Archive 2002-12-01

  • While no one thought the Iraqis were yet able to assemble a deliverable nuclear weapon, U.S. intelligence agencies were convinced that Saddam Hussein was concealing as many as 20 electromagnetic isotope separators, or calutrons, that are used to make plutonium from enriched uranium.

    Operation Deja Vu

  • As a result, this official said, the U.N. team's real mission would be to mount a "challenge inspection" of the suspected calutrons or a nuclear-related site recently identified by U.S. intelligence.

    Operation Deja Vu

  • Furthermore, Iraq had been pursuing an even larger program using electromagnetic machines called calutrons — an enrichment technology declassified by the United States in 1949, and thought to be so obsolete that no one, including Hibbs, had suspected Iraq might choose it.

    The Point of No Return

  • In the summer of 1991 inspectors tracked down and destroyed Saddam's calutrons.

    Spies, Lies, and Weapons: What Went Wrong

  • The two diffusion methods enriched the uranium to over 20 percent and this stock was fed into the calutrons, which did the final enrichment to over 80 percent.

    What Happened at Oak Ridge

  • Look, back in 1990, they surprised people with their calutrons.

    Dick Cheney on why we should stay out of Iraq

  • No normal country would have made such an effort, because calutrons - mass spectrometers - are an incredibly inefficient way of making a nuclear weapon.

    Dick Cheney on why we should stay out of Iraq

  • As the inspectors appeared at the front gate, the Iraqis moved the calutrons out the back of the base on large tank transporters.

    CNN Transcript Jan 23, 2003

  • In 1991, one of the first and only instances where the inspectors found prohibited equipment, they came upon some massive calutrons, devices used for enriching uranium, at an Iraqi military base.

    CNN Transcript Jan 23, 2003


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