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  • n. Plural form of calving.


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  • He found it rather difficult to recognize his surroundings, to begin with; one ice cape was very like another, and ugly ideas of calvings suggested themselves, until at last he caught sight of Cape Man's Head, and then he knew that the foundations of Framheim had not given way.

    The South Pole~ The Eastern Sledge Journey

  • Despite living a few years on a farm and being present for the calvings of the Jersey cow we had artificially inseminated, I won't claim adequate veterinary skills to judge, but it seems a little odd the vet missed the pregnancy.

    Christmas Surprise

  • “The only significant calvings in Antarctica have been in the west,” he said.

    Antarctic Ice Is Growing | Impact Lab

  • And he cautioned that calvings of the magnitude seen recently in west Antarctica might not be unusual.

    Antarctic Ice Is Growing | Impact Lab

  • Other such ice shelf collapses and major calvings have been proven by examining ice core samples, collapse rates, CO2 levels in the ice, sunlight exposure, regular temperature readings, etc.

    Waldo Jaquith - Arctic ice shelf snaps off.

  • Any ice front can be expected to be unstable, and the periodic calving of ice islands and thick sea ice might be a normal process akin to, but smaller scale than, iceberg calvings from a glacier.

    Ellesmere Island Ice Shelves « Climate Audit

  • I worked nearly all the time, seven days a week, in the evenings and often during the night, and it was hard work, too -- rolling about on cobbled floors fighting with tough calvings to the point of exhaustion, getting kicked, crushed, trodden on and sprayed with muck.

    Every living thing

  • In all the unpleasant procedures that assailed Bernard's nostrils-stinking calvings, autopsies, releasing the gas from tympani tic cows -- the handkerchief came out, and, in fact, in every image I had of him he was wearing that mask.

    Every living thing

  • Tough calvings and lambings, and I could remember a disastrous spring when many of their calves died of scour.

    Every living thing

  • Sometimes after prolonged calvings and foalings, often lasting for hours, every muscle in my body ached for days as though I had been beaten by a heavy stick.

    Every living thing


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