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  • n. The act of covering, concealing, hiding, or veiling. In kinesics, the science of body language, calypsis is the act of covering or concealing one’s face, or sexually attractive parts, especially in the presence of someone who is a sexual turn-off (extremely anerotic), or someone who is uncomfortable to be around.
  • n. A type of closed or negative body language often expressing extremely anerotic feelings, sexual abhorrence, scorn and contempt toward someone viewed as a sexual turn-off in terms of physical appearance, in terms of personality and social behavior, or both.
  • n. The term calypsis can also refer to a bride placing a veil over her face during her wedding while preparing to marry her groom, or to a criminal concealing his/her face with a ski mask while perpetrating a burglary, robbery, or sniper attack.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek καλύπτω (kalupto, "cover, conceal")


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