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  • n. An old spelling of chameleon.


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  • Sir Toady Lion as low comedian ( "camelion" he called it) performed numerous antics as Daft Davie Gellatley.

    Red Cap Tales Stolen from the Treasure Chest of the Wizard of the North

  • He's a camelion – he'll take any form it takes to get reelected no matter what he believes in or what his constituents think of him.

    Lieberman on party switch: 'All options are open'

  • The return of the cashmere camelion - ready to say whatever he thinks will get him elected. kilo charlie

    Romney unveils more endorsements

  • Don't you edit these postings? and Hillary is not Goldilocks, she's a cold calculating camelion (sp?) - she goes with the political winds (like her tragic vote for the Iraq war) and she tells different groups what they want to hear.

    Clinton: I feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign

  • With Dean, he seemed to be a camelion and, for example, it's well known that he kept changing his positions as he blogged in an attempt to "be one of you ..."

    Obama's Speech Accomplishes More Than It Appears

  • I seem to contradict what I said in the same letter: for he is a perfect camelion; or rather more variable than the camelion; for that, it is said, cannot assume the red and the white; but this man can.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • ~I am kind of like a camelion in that I can often times change to fit into my surroundings.

    rainandfire Diary Entry

  • Yet the poem resolutely commits itself to that most un-camelion-like of lines and verse forms in early Romanticism, the ten-syllable line of blank verse.

    Passion and Romantic Poetics

  • Negative Capability and the (woman) poet of Beachy Head: In his otherwise buoyant account of the "camelion poet" who has no identity but who becomes whatever his imagination lites upon, Keats registers a slight quantum of discomfort in his experience of a gathering of friends when -- having entered into their beings -- no longer has a self to "come home" to.

    Passion and Romantic Poetics

  • Below it, on the window sill, near the wall, with head erect, and its little basilisk eyes upturned towards the lovely fly, crouched a camelion lizard; its beautiful body, when I first looked at it, was a bright sea -- green.

    Tom Cringle's Log


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