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  • adj. Without the use of a camera.
  • adj. Not equipped with a camera.


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camera +‎ -less


  • She experimented with photogenics, a cameraless photography in which she exposed photosensitive paper to light to create abstract images.

    Lotte Jacobi.

  • Sometimes, I like to go cameraless, and have that experience, and sometimes I like to have the camera along, take pictures, and use it to focus my attention differently.

    Air Show

  • I have decided to live life cameraless, the F100 is loaded at home, but it is far too heavy and cumbersome to carry it like I did the Nikon D70 in my satchel.

    2006 October « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • At least this time I was able to inspect the bike more closely to confirm that it was indeed freewheeled and as brakeless as I was cameraless.

    Leaving The Irony On: So Much for Sincerity

  • Its 10.1-in. widescreen display is a skosh roomier than the 9.7-in. one on the iPad, and unlike Apple's cameraless tablet, it has cameras on the back (for snapshots) and front (for video calls). Top Stories

  • We could say it is "lens-based," thus encompassing the moving image (video and film), digital, and virtual technologies, but cameraless photographs defy this definition.

    Irish Blogs

  • It was equally new territory he conquered in the fields of photography and film: with his cameraless photography, his photograms, and his abstract films such as Light Play Black,

    Art Knowledge News

  • A unique cameraless image, a photogram is made by placing objects directly on or over a sheet of photographic paper and exposing it to light.

    Antique News News!

  • Motorola Droid Pro coming in a cameraless version for security-conscious businessfolk?

    Callidus Rides Surprise Profit to New Highs - TheStreet

  • The photograms update the cameraless photographic method pioneered by early 20th-century artists László

    Art Knowledge News


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