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  • n. A public administrative servant of continental rulers of the 17th and 18th centuries who was a mercantilist and advocated economic policies tending to strengthen the position of the ruler.
  • n. An economist who strongly emphasizes political factors in recommending economic policy.

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  • n. A financier; one skilled in the principles and system of public revenue.


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German Kameralist, from New Latin cameralista, from Medieval Latin cameralis + Latin -ista ("-ist"), from camera ("chamber") (English camera), from Ancient Greek καμάρα (kamara). Sense is due to administrators in the royal chamber; compare political sense of cabinet.


  • In Germany, a leading cameralist writer of the day, J.H. G. Justi published in Berlin in 1762 Vergleichungen der europäischen mit den asiatischen und andern vermeintlich barbarischen

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • After such men as Morhof and Thomasius had prepared the way, (148) Frederick William I., himself a clever cameralist, and author of the masterly financial system of Prussia, took the important step of founding, at Halle and Frankfurt on the Oder, special chairs of economy and cameralistic science; which, considering the time, were very ably filled by Gasser and Dithmar.

    System der volkswirthschaft. English

  • The great difference lies in this, that the cameralist interests himself in the production of material goods for their own sake, while the political economist regards them only in their relations to national life. (

    System der volkswirthschaft. English


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