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  • In Wachsmuth and Springer's classification of the Crinoidea, now generally adopted, the second and largest of the five orders of these organisms.


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  • Peri, Caccini, Bardi and others of the Florentine "camerata" were engaged as composers, stage managers, actors and singers in many of the elaborate court spectacles, intermezzi and madrigal dramas produced toward the end of the sixteenth century.

    Some Forerunners of Italian Opera

  • Sa saad selle camerata Kesselring, selle monumendi, mida ootad meilt, itaallasilt kuid kivi, millest see ehitada valime meie.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • Then he took up an offer to join a number of the Case Vecchie at private soiree at the camerata of Lord D'selmi.

    The Shadow Of The Lion

  • In the footnote to his article on Words and Music [NYR, April 13], could Virgil Thomson have meant to say that the Greek studies of the sixteenth-century camerata were advanced by Vincenzio Galilei instead of by the astronomer Galileo Galilei, who was Vincenzio's son?

    It Was Vincenzio

  • Under Pius V, who had placed 20 of his nephews in the college, there was some idea of suppressing the camerata of the poveri tedeschi.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Discipline is maintained by means of the camerata system in which the students are divided into groups each in charge of a prefect who is responsible for the observance of rule.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Each camerata occupies its own section of the college building, has its own quarters for recreation, and goes its own way about the city on the daily walk prescribed by the regulations.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Here, then, we have a clear statement of the artistic ideals cherished by Caccini, and these, we may take it, were shared by the other members of the camerata who were engaged in the pursuit of a method of direct, eloquent, dramatic solo expression.

    Some Forerunners of Italian Opera

  • A closer examination of the musical reforms instituted by the camerata which met at the Vernio and Corsi palaces will convince us that they were directed toward two objects; first, the restoration of the Greek method of delivering the declamation of a drama, and second, the reduction of purely lyric forms to a rational musical basis on which could be built intelligible settings of texts.

    Some Forerunners of Italian Opera

  • Compered by CN Group's David McNeill, the entertainment began with a jazz band and was followed by a James Bond quiz before the camerata took to the stage.

    News round-up


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