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  • adj. Resembling a campus, especially a college or university campus


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campus +‎ -like


  • But as a product of Nebraska farm life, Raikes is interested in agriculture (a foundation focus), and his business skills will be important as the foundation roughly doubles its staff over the next few years and moves to a campuslike headquarters near Seattle's Space Needle.

    Microsoft After Gates. (And Bill After Microsoft.)

  • This is exacerbated by a growing rivalry between old-guard institutions like the Ford Center, with its comparatively austere campuslike ambience, and the new class of superluxury rehab centers in ocean-view mansions that supplement the traditional 12-step approach with acupuncture, massage, equine therapy and Native American Talking Circles.

    Rehab Reality Check

  • New campuslike brick office and research buildings stand just outside of town, with assembly plants up the hill by the airport.

    How Lawmaker Rebuilt

  • It's a campuslike thing, with -- with these -- with lots of big buildings.

    Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus that Caused It

  • All those people outside the White House's campuslike grounds expected him to know all the time where the right thing was, right for the country, right for the world, right for every working man, woman, and innocent little kid playing T-ball.

    The Bear and the Dragon

  • We're trying to create something almost more campuslike in scope and feel. Top Stories

  • Because Mr. Bloomberg himself was a technology entrepreneur, it's not surprising that he sees the value in engineering campuses, and some of the sites, like Governors Island, already look a bit campuslike.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Arlington Business Park would be located south and east of Maple Street and Loretta Drive, in a campuslike setting, according to the proposal from the developer, Land Holding Co. LLC.

    New Orleans Saints Central

  • The board members - except for Kerkorian, who was sold on the idea early on - were intrigued but skeptical of the plan, which called for building many towers at once and creating a campuslike environment where pedestrians could amble from one building to another.

    Las Vegas Sun Stories: All Sun Headlines

  • KNI is not an institution in the old sense of the word, she said, but rather has a committed staff and campuslike setting that provides the best care for some people with severe disabilities. stories: News


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