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  • X2 3800+ @ 2.3, 2GB Mushkin pc3200, Lanparty Ultra-D, X850XT @ 560/585 posted on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4: 17 pm goin a lil off track with the s2k and mr2 debate here, but the camry is my choice, ive driven a couple accords here and there but preferably i stand by the camry, theres an 88 camry sitting in the drive way still working comfortably at nearly 200k miles; nothing as nice as the 90 mx-5 sitting next to it (then again i love driving as low to the ground as possible) but it seats 4 or 5 people and gets around as it should, they can get up and go if they really need to but they just work for what they are. if they were happy with an mpv, why not consider

    The Tech Report: News

  • We would have been better off to purchase a camry or chevy and give it to the clunker owners, tht way we could save more than $100,000.000 or more than $8,000 per clunker owner.

    Interest in Cash for Clunkers sputters

  • January 27th, 2010 - 1:43:10 PM i have 2007 camry 4 cylinder and notice a problem from day one .whenever i removed my foot from the gas pedal and the car slowed to 20 kilometers it would just go and go.

    Toyota Recalls. Deals Now? | Manolith

  • Hi! book gift store pt chandra asri Motorcycle navigation system black jack racing type of curl supercharger camry mount hood timberline lodge christian committed mortgage pda software booker t. washington biography

    Reso Condemning MoveOn Passes Overwhelmingly, With Lots Of Dems

  • Yo! supercharger camry Coin collector album fun for me moloko bow chevy chrome tie buz luhrmann Dutch door plans crawford williams company furniture national stonewood center downey montefalco italy

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • Rolled back up route 7 to more ghetto singletrack and just before I hit it, got cut off by three kids in a white toyota camry--pulled up beside me and turned right, no warning, no signal.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Jerine said ... he just got a new perdana v6 with auto door. my first time sitting on an auto door car. because he crashed his camry then he gotta buy new car.

    Limp and Lame

  • My toyota camry got no ebrake/handbrake lever. how ar?

    How to use the car’s handbrake/e-brake « oneduasan

  • If you have no particular demands to make of the marketplace, just buy a camry and shut up about the other choices.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Do Markets Give Us Too Many Choices?

  • I went right out and bought one of those for my toyota camry standard tranny that gets much better city AND highway mileage than the very expensive hybrids.

    Annoy a Liberal. Drive like an idiot.


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