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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or resembling a canaliculus

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  • In anatomy and zoology, resembling a small canal; canal-shaped.
  • Of or pertaining to canaliculi; canaliculate.

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  • adj. relating to or like or having a canaliculus


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  • Bile canalicular morphometry in arteriohepatic dysplasia.

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  • Experimental determination of the permeability in the lacunar-canalicular porosity of bone.

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  • Slide 11: ENZYMES THAT REFLECT CHOLESTASIS • Alkaline phosphatase and 5 'nuleotidase: found near the bile canalicular membrane of hepatocytes • Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase: Endoplamic reticulum and in bile duct epithelial cells  lacks specificity

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  • Here we studied the hypothesis that disproportionate cholesterol extraction from the canalicular membrane impairs the activity of the bile salt transporter, ABCB11, and as a consequence causes cholestasis.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • Our data demonstrate that membrane cholesterol content is a critical determinant of ABCB11 / ABCC2 transport activity, provide an explanation for the etiology of ATP8B1 disease, and suggest a novel mechanism protecting the canalicular membrane

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • Atp8b1-deficient mice display a dramatic increase in the biliary extraction of cholesterol from the canalicular (apical) membrane of the hepatocyte.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • We show that canalicular membranes of cholestatic Atp8b1-deficient mice have

    Journal of Biological Chemistry current issue

  • In 2001, Weinbaum and his colleagues suggested that "tethering" filaments strung between bone cells and the walls of the lacuno-canalicular network may act as a sensor-and amplifier-of physical forces. 10 Indeed, the drag forces inflicted on these tethers as the result of fluid flow can amplify a mechanical signal 10 to 100 times greater than a signal imposed directly on the bone matrix, but how this signal elicits a biochemical response is unclear.

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  • An alternative hypothesis arose in 2007, when Weinbaum and his colleagues identified integrin attachments on the canalicular wall.

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  • As interstitial fluid flows through the networks of cavities and canals known as the lacuno-canalicular network, it pulls on "tethering" filaments that link osteocytes, or bone cells, and the walls of the canaliculi.

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