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  • n. Plural form of canceler.


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  • They would be tech savvy enough to be confident using it and I do not know how many borderline cancelers even know what WoW glider is much less how it used.

    Blizzard v WoW Glider: Interesting, no?

  • A great way, albeit slightly funny looking, way to listen to music and block outside noise without dropping the dollars for those fancy Bose noise-cancelers. — BEN POPKEN

    Make Your Own Noise Blocking Headphones - The Consumerist

  • For an hour, he took Mr. Friedman down a trail of belts, bins and troughs, from the dual-pass rough cull, past the advanced facer cancelers to the delivery bar-code readers.

    Don't Be a Square

  • The settler cancelers said they want to non violent protest.

    CNN Transcript Aug 14, 2005

  • Give strategic cancelers the poorest campsite available - or, better, frighten them to death in the middle of the night?


  • (Qwerty ergo typo: I type, therefore I misspelll) *** ... fewer than 10 percent of subscription cancelers cite disagreement with content as their motivation.

    Latest Articles

  • Marxism, socialism and the destruction of the US? fewer than 10 percent of subscription cancelers cite disagreement with content as their motivation

    Latest Articles

  • Although noise-canceling headphones usually don't sound as good-or block as much noise-as quality canalphones, noise cancelers are easier to put on and take off, and they allow you to hear what's going on around you.

    PC World

  • Echo cancelers can now be applied per channel and selected at configuration time.

    Asterisk :: The Open Source PBX & Telephony Platform - The most popular open source PBX & telephony platform

  • The Post can count on my resubscription as a replacement for any one of the narrow-minded cancelers,” wrote one online commenter who goes by “scorbett1976.”

    Two men kissing Part 2: The counterattack


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