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  • n. In pathology, a cell characterized by a large nucleus, bright nucleolus, and irregular form, frequently occurring in malignant tumors.


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  • Another promising bio-tech company, TVAX Biomedical, a developer of cancer-cell vaccinations and other treatments, is coming to market, too.

    Facebook Alternatives: Less Hype, More Hope

  • Early on in my treatments I was told to take flaxseed oil, which I did and still do, and to some degree attribute what success I've had fighting the cancer-cell production that threatens me every day.

    Robert Schwab: In the Chemo Room

  • When Rebecca Skloot began researching her book about Henrietta Lacks, a Maryland woman whose cancer-cell cultures led to medical breakthroughs such as the polio vaccine, she had no idea it would take her 10 years, four editors and three publishers to get the story into print.

    An Unwitting Heroine of Science

  • On Sunday at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference in Orlando, Fla., researchers will present the results of a clinical study that supports the leading explanation for the doctors 'observations: The groups share a genetic mutation in a cellular receptor involved in cancer-cell growth.

    New Recruits: Enlisting Genes in the Campaign Against Cancer

  • Dr. Forbes has engineered his salmonella to create a cancer-cell killing protein and burrow in the region where quiescent cells live, a promising starting point for eliminating tumors when combined with radiation treatment.

    Salmonella Is Tested

  • Joe Smiga Manchester, New HampshireIn a well-written piece on prostate-cancer treatment options, you overlooked a safe, simple and effective choice: cryoablation, or immediate cancer-cell death by lethal ice.

    Mail Call

  • Some studies suggest that higher intake of soy might reduce breast cancer, but others have found that soy-derived estrogens can stimulate cancer-cell growth.

    Supplements Aren't The Secret to Health

  • Meanwhile, Japan's Astellas Pharma is in early human trials of another approach to stimulate cancer-cell suicide.

    Genentech, Amgen Working On 'Cell Suicide' DrugHitting The Self-Destruct Button

  • In other words, the cancer-cell appears utterly unable to live in any other body except the one in which it originated.

    Preventable Diseases

  • In fact, the cancer-cell behaves like every other cell of the normal body, in that, though portions of it can be grafted into appropriate places in the bodies of other human beings and live for a period of days, or even months, they ultimately are completely absorbed and disappear.

    Preventable Diseases


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