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  • n. Plural form of candlenut.


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  • Nicky Loh for the Wall Street Journal Malcolm Lee's spice paste includes lemongrass, galangal, turmeric root, shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, dried chilies and candlenuts.

    In Malcolm Lee's Kitchen

  • Oseland calls for some pretty exotic ingredients in his book, most of which I can get but the 2 that continue to stump me are daun salam leaves and candlenuts, the first of which this recipe called for and so I had to leave out.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Ms. Marbeck speculates that after the Portuguese introduced vindaloo to Malacca, locals added familiar, home-grown ingredients such as soy sauce (introduced to Malacca by the Chinese), candlenuts (a macadamia-like nut), galangal (a rhizome) and lemongrass.

    The Dish: Curry Debal

  • Palms, candlenuts, ohias, hibiscus, were it not for their exceeding beauty, would almost pall upon one from their abundance, and each gulch has its glorious entanglement of breadfruit, the large-leaved ohia, or native apple, a species of

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • If he were wise, he would also bring most of the materials required for building a civilized society, since the islands had no bamboo for decorating a home, no candlenuts for lamps, no mulberry bark for making tapa.


  • True, he had beheld shooting-stars (this in reply to Bassett's contention); but likewise had he beheld the phosphorescence of fungoid growths and rotten meat and fireflies on dark nights, and the flames of wood fires and of blazing candlenuts.

    The Red One

  • The leaves make screens and roofs of dwellings, baskets, and coverings, and in the pagan temples of Tahiti were the rosaries or prayer-counters, while on their stiff stalks the candlenuts are strung to give light for feasts or for feasting.

    White Shadows in the South Seas

  • All through the night the game raged beneath the light of the candlenuts, in a silence broken only by the hoarse breathing of the crouching brown men, the sandy-sounding rustle of the palm-fronds overhead, and cries of "Ante uppy!" or "Comely center!"

    White Shadows in the South Seas

  • I saw the warriors with their spears of cocoanut-wood and their deadly clubs of ironwood carved and shining with oil, their baskets of polished stones slung about their waists, and their slings of fiber, dancing in the sacred grove of the Pekia, its shadows lighted by the blaze of the flickering candlenuts and the scented sandalwood.

    White Shadows in the South Seas

  • _Popoi_ bowls and wooden platters of the roasted breadfruit were brought within shelter, and while the hissing rain put out the fires on the _paepae_ the candlenuts were lighted and all squatted for the evening meal.

    White Shadows in the South Seas


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