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  • n. Plural form of candlewick.


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  • The so-called "small" amounts sure sdo add up when it's come at'cha from your air, water, fish, candlewicks, lipsticks, and lunchboxes!

    Fluorescent Bulbs--good outweighs bad???

  • Trim candlewicks to ¼-inch each time before burning.

    Quiz: Shedding some light on candle safety

  • I'd always imagined that the tufts looked like trimmed candlewicks - although a quick search on "candlewicking" suggests that the cotton thread used for candlewicks was also used for the tufting technique. W.G. SEBALD.

  • The paper had caught fire and fallen and lit a mat, then a screen and scraps of rayon that lit as fast as candlewicks.

    December 6

  • The faint odor of wax and burned candlewicks made her nose twitch, even as she stifled another yawn.

    The Spellsong War

  • Ben was then employed in cutting candlewicks into equal lengths, and filling the moulds with tallow; and many families in Boston spent their evenings by the light of the candles which he had helped to make.

    True Stories of History and Biography

  • "They made candlewicks," says Bud Wostbrock, whose family has owned the property since the late 1890s.

    Latest News

  • At first she only sold snacks and sodas, but after assessing the needs of the area residents, she started selling gunny sacks (large burlap bags used by farmers for keeping vegetables and tubers), candlewicks, and different plastics.

    Kiva Loans

  • • Trim long candlewicks so they don’t burn lopsidedly or clog the center well with wax.

    How To Avoid Housework


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