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  • n. A pitcher or jug with a cover, holding from 1½ to 3 pints.


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  • --- In the duck family: the father is → le canard the mother is → la cane the daughter is → la canette the son is → le caneton/le canardeau

    canard - French Word-A-Day

  • And if you're going with carnivores, they also offer a 4-course menu with the plate of the day (when I went it was canette - a type of duck) for only 20€, or a similar 4-course menu with more elaborate choices for 33€ (click to enlarge):The 20€ plate of the day menu is a steal, but I wanted to see what the tout légume menu was like.

    Les Allobroges

  • Molson Coors célèbre le 50e anniversaire de la canette d'aluminium lancée par Bill Coors en 1959

  • Avec ce premier prêt elle compte acheter, auprès de ses fournisseurs 50 cartons d'eau minérale, 35 paquets de boisson NBB, 30 casiers de boisson BRAMALI, 20 cartons de boisson en canette de différentes sortes et d'autres articles.

    Kiva Loans

  • = that's perfect; chérie (chéri) = dear; la canette (f) = small bottle, can, of beer; best friend's site; rouge à lèvres (m) = lipstick; la raison d'être = reason for being; en privé = in private

    sobriquet - French Word-A-Day

  • REFERENCES: le sécateur (m) = clippers; un Arcois (une Arcoise) = one who is from Les Arcs; par terre = on the ground; le mégot (m) = cigarette butt; Monsieur Propre = Mr. Clean; le PQ (slang) (m) = toilet paper; le prospectus (m) = leaflet; à gogo = galore; la canette (f) = can (of soda, beer); un outil (m) = tool

    Words in a French Life


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