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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of canonize.


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  • And although, in the 21st century, it may be too much to expect an academic biography that "canonizes"

    Capitalism Magazine

  • Finally, that the Catholic Church canonizes those it once rejected -- Joan of Arc, Ignatius of Loyola, Thomas Aquinas, and now Mary MacKillop -- says a great deal about the true wisdom of the church -- and its ability, especially in the canonization process, to recognize publicly its own failings and mistakes.

    Rev. James Martin, S.J.: Mother Mary MacKillop: The Patron Saint of Abuse Victims

  • If power is transferred to a new divinely-mandated ruler, then a divine event is needed that canonizes the shift from Il to Un. The launch of missiles and the testing of nuclear weapons could incite euphoria in the beleaguered population of North Korea.

    Christopher Herbert and Victoria Kataoka Rebuffet: Weekly Foreign Affairs Roundup

  • "" Making Saints, '' his report on the way the church canonizes its holiest men and women, is the standard work on the subject; it has been translated into five languages.

    Blessed Are The Piece Makers

  • Just remember, this is the religion that canonizes, bribes, and enslackens its most REBELLIOUS HERETICS and CHEATS those who presume to be its most DEVOTED MONKS.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • Happily Stewart neither sentimentalizes nor canonizes the virtuosos — even Armstrong's ebullient cheeriness and the idolatry of the jazz world don't stop Stewart from noting his "antebellum Uncle Tomism."

    Short Reviews

  • Church canonizes them, and thus gives proof that they were great spiritual heroes in the service of God and can be more confidently appealed to on account of their eminent sanctity and powerful intercession.

    Baltimore Catechism No. 4 (of 4) An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism of Christian Doctrine

  • BACON'S claims to be the creator of what is popularly and generally understood as the Inductive Philosophy are most fairly examined; not in the spirit of the common biographer who always canonizes his subject through thick and thin, but in that of an impartial seeker for truth, resolved to naught extenuate and set down naught in malice.

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 1, January 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

  • Greeks cringe, and Jews blaspheme, and heathen flee into, or away from, conversion; and the Church itself canonizes this spiritual father, this

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 32, June, 1860

  • The supreme crime of the church to-day is that everywhere and in all its operations and influences it is on the side of sloth of mind; that it banishes brains, it sanctifies stupidity, it canonizes incompetence.

    The Profits of Religion, Fifth Edition


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