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  • Boldly.


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  • Or the as well, cantly-and our partnerships with ERP vendors such as cantly-and our partnerships with ERP vendors such as Baan, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP grow even stronger. even in arenas simply not a presence last yearbeen areforce. where we were where we hadn't previously and a now Baan, Oracle,

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  • Significantly, the orders did not appear to expressly require the private contractor interrogators to comply with specific international human rights or humanitarian law rules such as those contained in the Torture Convention or the Geneva Conventions.

    David Isenberg: Outsourcing War and Peace: Part 3

  • This significantly lowered the barrier for the participation of market actors.

    David Isenberg: PMC: Past, Present, and Future

  • Using Census data for the period 1970-1991, we fi nd that women living in areas covered by the Globo signal have signi fi cantly lower fertility.


  • Unexpectedly, in this and several other studies, a pattern higher in red meat was not significantly associated with increased risk of mortality when controlled for relevant confounding factors.

    Study links diet to longevity, but with confusing findings

  • And we had to overlook that this frenzy of real- estate activity was operating on borrowed time and, more significantly, borrowed money.

    Douglas Rushkoff - Life Inc: Introduction

  • It is virtually certain that global temperatures during coming centuries will not be signifi cantly influenced by a natural orbitally induced cooling.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • This decision could signifi-cantly hamper ongoing Federal and State efforts to restore this ecosystem, protect the drinking water of 22 million Californians, and enhance water supply and reliability for over 7 million acres of highly productive farmland and growing urban areas across California.

    Letter To The House Of Representatives

  • If in the future there is evidence of drug flows through Hong Kong that signifi-cantly affect the United States, Hong Kong will again be placed on the Majors List.

    Text Of Annual Drug Majors List

  • Field agents will work directly state-wide with small - and medium-sized manufacturers to signifi - cantly increase their competitiveness through advancement in their level of technology.

    Trp Descriptions Deployment


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