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  • In Blyth's classification (1849), the fourth order of birds, including the restricted Passerinæ, or the Passerinæ of Cuvier divested of all their heterogeneous elements: it was thus equivalent to the order Passeres of modern naturalists. See Cantatores, Oscines, and Passeres.


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  • In Christian antiquity, it is true, especially among the Greek Christians, we meet with many subordinate functionaries, e.g. singers ( "cantores", or "confessores"); "parabolani", who cared for the sick; "copiatæ" (fossores), or sextons who buried the dead;

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 7: Gregory XII-Infallability

  • He is thought by some biographers to be the ‘Ioannes Martinus’ mentioned by the 16th-century writer Jacques de Meyere as having two brothers named Thomas and Petrus, all cantores who came originally from Armentières.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Weerbeke was probably not the ‘Gasparo fiamengo’ who was one of the cantores secreti of Leo X in 1520–21.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • La poesía, ajena a cualquier influencia externa, continuó su viaje en su tradicional vehículo, es decir, de boca en boca y anidando en la prodigiosa memoria de vates, cantores y de los amantes de la poesía.

    Poetry and Spanish Permanent Links for Sahrawi Culture

  • Sung by the three cantores of the major seminary of the diocese of Haarlem The Netherlands.

    Archive 2008-05-11

  • Here's a YouTube video of this Introit, sung by "the three cantores of the major seminary of the diocese of Haarlem The Netherlands":

    Advent 1:

  • Indian cantores recited the liturgy of the saints, but they also whispered the names of the malevolent dwarfs with childlike faces and withered bodies who stole the souls of the living.

    One River

  • Thus the magister capellae came immediately after the cardinals, followed, in the order given, by the sacrista, cantores, capellani, and clerici.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon

  • Mentiuntur multa cantores (few pleasing speches true).

    Bacon is Shake-Speare

  • Insuite me defunctam in corio cervino, ac deinde in sarcophago lapideo supponite, operculumque ferro et plumbo constringite, ac demum lapidem tribus cathenis ferreis et fortissimis circundantes, clericos quinquaginta psalmorum cantores, et tot per tres dies presbyteros missarum celebratores applicate, qui feroces lenigent adversariorum incursus.

    Poems, 1799


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