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  • n. Contraction of captain used as a title.


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  • If yer lookin' to be the cap'n of your own pirate party, scrounge up pirate grub like chicken wings, meat pies and plenty of ale to whet the whistles of yer fellow mates.

    Katie Campbell: Fun September Holidays You May Not Know About

  • I also love black powder but although I have a flintlock I have the most fun with my replica 1858 Remington Texas Model cap'n ball revolver.

    Fun Guns

  • B. was waiting and doing nothing, hardly answering when spoken to, and our fellows were fidgeting and muttering, and Joe was growling at me, why wasn't the cap'n takin 'a-holt o' things, and why didn't I tell him?


  • "You bet, cap'n," says Anderson, who was a jaunty bantam.


  • Then one day just after a noon-halt he trotted up to me and said: "Buffler, cap'n", and I rode out with him a couple of miles to where a small herd of the beasts were grazing-the first I'd ever seen.


  • This guy, whoever he is, deserves tons of credit. trust me on this one. and, why, hell, if it'll get me some credibiliity on this i'll even apoliogize to cap'n bob for my crappy syntax and sloppy presentation. i aint gonna fix it. but at least i'll apologize for it.

    Paperback Popups

  • February 6, 2008 cap'n, the rudder aren't respondin '

    cap'n, the rudder aren't respondin'

  • But I don't understand what your point is. cap'n jack

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • But good ole 'cap'n Krauze wouldn't leave his crew marooned, so here is an English-to-Pirate translator for the landlubbers.

    Avast ye, landlubbers! This be an open thread!

  • Teach me this, cap'n – how can thee vessle grok the crew?

    Avast ye, landlubbers! This be an open thread!


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