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  • n. Plural form of cap'n.


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  • "Man, if they ain't tellin 'the cap'ns, what makes you think they be tellin' the sergeants?"

    Phule me twice

  • He cap'ns the Chienne and charters out the others.

    Cinderella At The Ball

  • Course what it means is sea cap'ns widders and sisters and such, but it does sound kind of Brigham Youngy, don't it?

    Fair Harbor

  • I was brought up amongst cap'ns and I guess I've missed 'em more'n I realized.

    Thankful's Inheritance

  • If you and I are to cruise in the same family -- and that's what I hear is likely to happen -- I cal'late we'll heave overboard the cap'ns and Misters.

    Keziah Coffin

  • But they quieted down; one o 'the young officers had beautiful manners, an' invited the four cap'ns to join 'em, very polite; 'twas a kind of public house, and after they'd all heard another song, he come to consult with 'em whether they wouldn't git up and dance a hornpipe or somethin 'to the lady's music.

    The Foreigner

  • 'Twas a wasteful scene, an 'a loud talkin' company, an 'though they was three sheets in the wind themselves there wa'n't one o' them cap'ns but had sense to perceive it.

    The Foreigner

  • 'Twas a real hard case, an 'when them cap'ns made out about it, there wa'n't one that meant to take leave without helpin' of her.

    The Foreigner

  • They accordingly resumed the discussion upon which they had been engaged, but were shortly afterwards interrupted by the appearance of Johnson's steward, who descended the hatchway-ladder bearing a couple of boxes of cigars and a dozen sticks of excellent tobacco "with the cap'ns compliments."

    The Pirate Island A Story of the South Pacific

  • Some o 'the cap'ns -- Mr Saint Leger and Cap'n Drake among 'em, I believe -- was for attackin' the convoy and takin 'the whole o' the Plate fleet; and, as things turned out, 'twould ha 'been better if we'd done it, for, disabled though our ships were, we could ha' fought at our anchors and kept the convoy from enterin 'the port.

    The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer


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