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  • adv. In relation to or in terms of capacitance


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capacitive +‎ -ly


  • Mr. Pozar explains, You are capacitively coupling the fob to your head.

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  • The case of interest for evaluating the potential resonator performance and comparison to the empirical results is for the capacitively top loaded resonator with minimum loading presented by the input. coupling since this load can be effectively removed from the system by utilizing synchronous switching of the energy input.

    Chapter 6

  • This can be easily demonstrated with a Smith chart analysis of the capacitively loaded resonator.

    Chapter 6

  • The capacitively foreshortened line: (a) unloaded line (b) voltage distribution (c) loaded line and resulting reduction in attained load voltage

    Chapter 6

  • They named their variation cDEP since it does not require electrodes to contact the sample fluid; instead electrodes are capacitively coupled to a fluidic channel in his device through barriers that act as insulators.


  • The vehicle is capacitively coupled to the surface. News

  • Generally, noise is capacitively coupled into these low-level circuits.

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  • The antenna radiator of Pulse's capacitive-feed antenna is placed at the outside surface of the phone chassis and fed by a capacitively coupled feed circuit.

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  • You capacitively measure the 0. 025-in. deflection of the pad under a truck's tire to weigh the axle.


  • A much more sensitive readout of the terahertz-detected signal could be achieved by capacitively coupling a CNT-QD with a quantum point contact device on a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure, which makes it possible to observe single-electron dynamics.

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