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  • noun In bull-fights, the person who excites the bull and distracts his attention by using a red cape.

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  • noun A person who aids a bullfighter by distracting the bull with his cape.


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Spanish capeador


  • Great cheers greeted him; and all around the ring Cogan could hear the residents from the high one in the box with the American admirals, from the President down, explaining that this was their famous mounted capeador, Juan Roca, and to have an eye out for Juan's unparalleled skill and his bravery -- and did they notice that Juan wore no iron, nor even leather protection to his legs?

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  • Was not the mounted capeador Juan Roca a brother of Luis Roca, the hat dealer?

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  • He had a brother Juan, who was a famous mounted capeador, he said -- that's the man who sits with a red cloak on a horse in the first part of the bull fight and Cogan could see that he was very proud of him.

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  • "There is your mounted capeador, your brave toreador," she says to Luis, "and they are all alike."

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  • Once he put his head down he had eyes only for the red cape, and so long as the capeador handled his cape and himself with speed and skill, and no accident happened, he might count on getting safe away.

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  • Ferrero knew of a mounted capeador by the name of Juan Roca.

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  • Cogan that Juan, the best mounted capeador in all South America, was that very morning breaking in a new horse on the ranch of Don Vicente

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  • "But first a bugle call rang out, and into the ring came the mounted capeador.

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