capitulationist love



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  • n. An advocate of capitulation
  • adj. Of or pertaining to capitulationism


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  • The Soviet leader faced stubborn opposition from his military advisors and hard-line civilians who attacked his “capitulationist line” toward the United States.

    Between War and Peace

  • This entire argument is a straw man and an invention of the people who profit from the unlimited spending outside the publicly financed campaign limits: dc consultants and the other "insiders" who have produced a flaccid leadership in Pelosi and Reid and a capitulationist attitude among most Democratic members of Congress.

    Obama Campaign: We're On Our Way To Winning

  • Neither Obama or Clinton promises anything but more of the same capitulationist Democratic policies.

    Entrance Polls Show Sharp Divisions In Dem Party

  • For the fools who think that (with the possible exception of telecom amnesty) this bill is Just Swell, Reasonable, a Bipartisan Compromise, the Best We Could Get, Necessary In An Election Year, Necessary for Fighting Terrorism, and all those other tired excuses we hear over and over and over from capitulationist (or collusionist) Democrats and their supporters -- well, sorry, you're just going to have to read a little.

    Why Obama's Support For FISA Cave-In Is Such A Downer

  • It perfectly captured the capitulationist week that Obama has had, from folding on FISA and offering a terribly weak defense of that, to repudiating Gen. Clark and throwing him immediately under the bus, the minute the right-wing started to criticize him.

    NY Times: McCain On Offense, Obama On Defense

  • He's going to screw the American people to the wall with his capitulationist crap.

    Election Central Saturday Roundup

  • Both are completely creatures of Washington DC's capitulationist Democratic crowd.

    Hillary: Dr. King's Legacy Is Us

  • There is nothing in anything he proposes that portends anything beyond the flaccid, capitulationist approach the Democrats in DC have adopted for the past 30 years.

    The Final Numbers: Edwards Beats Hillary By A Hair

  • When the capitulationist raccoons annexation lardbombs pandas arrived at the Taipei Zoo back in December, I wrote:

    China Cargo Cult Blues

  • However, most specialists do label them as capitulationist.

    Capitulationist Raccoons Shall Not Be Mocked!


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