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  • Briefly stated; drawn up in heads or chapters.
  • Relating to or of the nature of a capitulation or surrender on conditions.


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  • Watch for a major "capitulatory" event sell-off or crash coupled with the continued low consumer sentiment before hopping on the 1980 & 1990 bull market turn, IMHO.

    Consumer Sentiment Hits 28 Year Lows

  • This has made him look disorganized, capitulatory, and weak.

    Edwards On The Bloggers: "Personally Offended," But Believes In "Giving Everyone A Fair Shake"

  • De-motivating emotional responses to climate change information commonly include: a sense of being powerless and overwhelmed, denial, numbing, a belief of being exempt from the threat, blaming others, wishful thinking or rationalization that the problem will resolve on its own through the help of experts, displacement of attention on other problems, apathy, fatalism, and other forms of “capitulatory imagination”.

    Communicating climate change motivating citizen action

  • When the state washed its hands of the Waziristan crisis in 2006 by reaching an agreement with the local warlords, the entire world warned of its capitulatory aspects.

    Taliban, Terrorists Getting Grip Over Pakistan

  • Treaty with the United States, granting the latter diplomatic representation at the consular level, commerce on a most-favored-nation basis, capitulatory privileges, and above all, assurances against Moroccan piracy.


  • Treaty of commerce between the Ottoman Empire and England, the first capitulatory agreement between the two governments (ratified in Istanbul, May 3, 1583).

    c. 1570

  • In the peace treaty of the Dardanelles (Jan. 5, 1809), Britain had its capitulatory rights reaffirmed and became the first European power to acknowledge the right of the Ottomans to close the straits to foreign warships in time of peace (a principle that received general European recognition in the London convention of July 13, 1841).


  • A treaty of commerce between the Ottoman Empire and the Netherlands, granting Dutch nationals capitulatory privileges in the Ottoman Empire.


  • This was the sheikdom's first capitulatory treaty with a Western power.


  • Russia was granted the same capitulatory rights enjoyed by the subjects of other European states.

    1825, June 10


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