from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun The act or the fact of capsizing; overturning; an upset; a capsize.


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  • The return to the ship involves a _bloto_ across the bay, with many misgivings as to the seaworthy capacities of the clumsy craft, but four bamboo safety-poles, fastened by forked sticks to the sides of the hollowed log, suffice to steady it enough to avoid capsizal.

    Through the Malay Archipelago

  • But we soon found that this would not do: the wind and sea were both rapidly becoming too much for us, and to continue fighting against them meant the speedy swamping or capsizal of the boat.

    Turned Adrift

  • Onslow had forestalled me, having cleared away the wreck off the starboard locker, restored the tablecloth to its proper position, and rearranged such portions of the table equipage as had not been smashed in the capsizal.

    The Castaways

  • Indeed, so sure was I of this that I saw, next to the ice splitting and freeing her in that way, the best thing that could happen would be its capsizal.

    The Frozen Pirate

  • Our main and imminent danger lay in the sudden dissolution of the ice, or in the capsizal of the berg.

    The Honour of the Flag

  • It is very tempting for those of us who have been ~ in person and in print ~ let us say lukewarm at best to the Twenty20/IPL innovation, to gloat over the fate of the Indian cricket team after their Caribbean capsizal.

    The Statesman

  • And if that threatened squall should burst its bonds and come shrieking and howling in fury across the surface of the sea, scourging it into a mad turmoil of foaming, leaping water and blinding spindrift, while the burnt-out crew of the schooner were making their passage across to the _Mercury_, it might be very bad for them; for even should they be fortunate enough to avoid capsizal, it might be exceedingly difficult, if not altogether impossible, for the ship, smitten and bowed down by the might of the tempest, to pause and pick them up.

    Overdue The Story of a Missing Ship

  • I kept too good a look-out to apprehend any sudden calamity short of capsizal, which I no longer feared, and during the watches of that long night I dreamt a hundred waking dreams of my deliverance, of my share of the treasure, of my arriving in England, quitting the sea for ever, and setting up as a great squire, marrying a nobleman's daughter, driving in a fine coach, and ending with a seat in Parliament and a stout well-sounding handle to my name.

    The Frozen Pirate


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