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  • n. Plural form of capybara.


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  • The Miami Zoo had been breached and thousands of baboons, wallabies, birds, and barrel-size aquatic rodents from South America called capybaras liberated themselves.

    Dream State

  • I spotted a deer or two, and gawked at the huge jabirus in their nest above the road, but found myself drawn more often to the adorable, overgrown rodents known as capybaras.

    NYT > Home Page

  • In richly colored paintings Ms. Judge shows readers ages 5-12 some of what they found: nautiluses and octopuses, lizards and kiwis, "okapis from the Congo, capybaras from Colombia, and marabou storks."

    When Imagination Blasts Into Orbit

  • I know I know I know -- it's stories about the difficulties faced by National Park Rangers during the Bush administration, and what happened when Werner Herzog went to a circus, and fantastic tales of lovely maidens saving hapless knights stuck in trees, and lots of stories about unicorns learning to live in peace and harmony with vampire meerkats, and a fine group of vignettes about the happy-go-lucky lives of capybaras, and-

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • The cattle compete for the aquatic vegetation, which is critical food source for capybaras and manatees.

    Marajó varzea

  • As ranching activities expand, habitat for the aquatic rodents, capybaras, on flooded savannas and gallery forests is lost.

    Marajó varzea

  • I dreamt of a land of talking capybaras and their guinea pig minions.

    Three Dreams and a Fabrication

  • So I never saw the world, just the inside of this tent with these serious capybaras asking my advice on strategy and weaponry.

    Three Dreams and a Fabrication

  • I just wanted to thank the Tick for making me aware of the existence of capybaras oh-so many years ago, and also add a nice resounding cheer of “SPOON!” to all others who learned about capybaras in a similar manner.

    The Fantastical Capybara: An Interview with Melanie Typaldos About Her Caplin Rous

  • There used to be giant capybaras about the size of a cow but those went extinct about 10,000 years ago but Caplin, at 100 lbs, is big enough for me although he is a little small for a capybara.

    The Fantastical Capybara: An Interview with Melanie Typaldos About Her Caplin Rous


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