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  • n. A condition analogous to seasickness sometimes affecting travelers on a railway.


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  • Holidays spent at the park below Mt Kinabalu were always a highlight apart from the inevitable car-sickness on the road up there...

    We progress!

  • I've always found the taste of ginger disgusting and ginger ale vaguely unpleasant, even without the association with car-sickness.

    why suffer when you don't have to?

  • The traveller carried a small packet of baking-soda, tucked into a corner of her satchel by the long-sighted Miss Letitia, "in case of car-sickness."

    The Heart of Arethusa

  • Yet it is a tradition current, that he, the mighty, who called himself a friend to physicians, because he never robbed them of their time either in or out of office-hours, once succumbed to that irritating little malady known as car-sickness.

    The Bibliotaph and Other People

  • Why such an apparently cloying sweetmeat should be a cure for car-sickness I have never been able to understand.

    Try Anything Twice

  • Two thousand miles from salt water, the oysters that are served on his dining cars do not seem to be suffering from car-sickness.

    Roughing it De Luxe

  • For Bonfire had a bad case of car-sickness -- a malady differing from sea-sickness largely in name only -- also a well-developed cold complicated by nervous indigestion.

    Horses Nine Stories of Harness and Saddle

  • The first effect of the motion was that most disagreeable, faint feeling known as car-sickness.

    Power Through Repose

  • Then she commenced an interesting novel, and as she became excited by the plot her muscles were contracted in sympathy (so-called), and the faintness returned in full force, so that she bad to drop the book and relax again; and this process was repeated half-a-dozen times before she could place her body so under control of natural laws that it was possible to read without the artificial tension asserting itself and the car-sickness returning in consequence.

    Power Through Repose


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