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  • n. Plural form of carabinier.


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  • Great figures, didn't realize the carabiniers didn't wear boots...

    Austrian Horse Grenadiers

  • By the way, nobody makes carabiniers for the Austrian cavalry.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Presumably, this would allow the carabiniers to dismount and fight or patrol on foot.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • And those red-coated carabiniers are simply stunning.

    Austrian Horse Grenadiers

  • Some heavy carabiniers provided support on the right of the line and a battery of artillery was posted on each flank.

    Grand Manner Napoleonics

  • Plus the heavy cavalry division of carabiniers, cuirassiers, lancers and a battery of horse artillery.

    In The Grand Manner Napoleonics

  • As Davout, I had the command of the largest corps plus a division of elite heavy cavalry carabiniers and cuirassiers.

    In The Grand Manner Napoleonics

  • Or cling desperately to ice-sheathed rock overhangs while their manly owner grapnels for pitons with his carabiniers, or whatever.

    In Memoriam.

  • Napoleon was insistent that heavy cavalry should be formed into autonomous divisions, and both the cuirassiers and the carabiniers figured prominently in the cavalry reserve.


  • The second component force of the “heavies” was formed by the two regiments of carabiniers; their organization and weapons were identical to those of the cuirassiers, and, after 1809, when they first adopted steel helmets and cuirasses, they were barely distinguishable from their colleagues.



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