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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of caramel.


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caramel +‎ -y


  • It is heartier, spicier, and more "caramelly" and "pumpkiny" than its faint brethren!

    Hop Talk

  • The flavor is more "caramelly" than teeth-edging sweet.

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  • Mmm, I really love a good tart tatin, fresh out of the oven, warm gooey and caramelly.

    Apples & Leaves Pie Top Cutter and a Giveaway! | Baking Bites

  • Then sometimes they set them on fire for a little bit for a more caramelly taste, then put in the WHISKY.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • The terminology used by brewers to describe varying levels of roasting intensity in the malting process tends to sound like words describing sweets: There are malt levels that are bisquity, toasty, caramelly, toffee-like and even chocolaty, Mr. Daniels said.

    Hoppy Holidays: Sweet Makers Try to Tap Market for Beer Candy

  • Those Purple Haze carrots I shredded up sure add a whack of colour to everything, not to mention the moisture ... these thing were just oozing with caramelly, chocolatey richness.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • There are the peaty Scotchs, and there are the caramelly Scotchs, and there are those which are nuanced with shadings of both.

    thank you India, Sheila, Daryl, Cindy!!! | clusterflock

  • They also do one called Bavaria non-alcoholic beer, which has a decent caramelly taste, but (when I drank some recently) left me feeling actually dizzy, as if it had contained alcohol, and quite headachy.

    Alcohol-Free Beer News « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • WhiskyFest Chicago, 4/1/09TOMATIN 18yo sherry finishdelicious, light, a bit caramelly, bright bright finish on front of palateARDBEG Airigh Nam Beistmore refined than Uigeadail peaty but a bit lighterARDBEG SupernovaHoly peat, Batman!


  • Chewy, intensely buttery, with a beautiful bright caramel color, loaded with caramelly saltiness and plenty of delicious salt crystals to twirl around in your mouth until they dissolve away.

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