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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of carbon-date.


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  • Cool one day, brutally hot the next while our house builds layer upon layer of carbon-dated cultures.

    Jack Schimmelman: Central Park: A Performance in Four Seasons (Summer)

  • Scientists say they are the oldest known carbon-dated skull cups, said by experts to be about 14,700 years old.

    Ancient Brits Ate Their Dead And Crafted Cups From Skulls

  • Notified to the bishop and viewed by experts, it proved to be a panel painting, later carbon-dated to 1280, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the image on the Turin shroud.

    Country diary: Somerset

  • The book, which was found by a book dealer in an old chest outside of Rome in 1912, was carbon-dated by a team of scientists from the University of Arizona, according to an UA press release.

    Voynich Manuscript Dated: Makes 'DaVinci Code' Look Lackluster

  • While Chartwells promises super-nutritious meals of cereal, fruit, milk and eggs, if their current lunch offerings are any indication of what's to come, kids will likely be eating sugar-coated, carbon-dated cereals and fruit cups, high fat-hormone riddled chocolate milk, and processed egg McMuffins.

    Jacqueline Edelberg: Chicago Schools Serve Up Breakfast, But Not Everyone's Happy

  • But unless someone finds a brass ingot carbon-dated to the early 17th century and engraved with "We named the hood after that dude who founded Jamestown," we may never know for sure.

    More about the history and name of Cabin John Bridge

  • Commonly known as the Panda Man, his signature pieces are colorful panda plushy toys -- to be encased in glass in our future museums, no doubt, and displayed alongside carbon-dated graffiti tagged wall remnants, of course.

    Shana Ting Lipton: Kid Kouture

  • So long as we're all being honest, teachers would like us to know, very sweetly mind you, that they don't need another "World's Best Teacher!" coffee mug, fragranced bath set or carbon-dated potpourri--no, they'd like cash, cleverly disguised as a gift card or a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

    Jacqueline Edelberg: What Teachers Really Want for Christmas

  • By looking at the carbon-dated ages of wood samples whose age is independently known from tree-ring dating, we can calibrate the fluctuating errors in carbon-dating.


  • And because those artifacts closely resemble others from nearby sites previously carbon-dated to about 9000 B.C., Schmidt and co-workers estimate that Gobekli Tepe's stone structures are the same age.

    Gobekli Tepi


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