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  • v. Present participle of carbon-date.


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  • But experts stand by carbon-dating of scraps of the cloth that determine the linen was made in the 13th or 14th century in a kind of medieval forgery.

    Pope visits Turin Shroud, delivers meditation

  • Those dates were based not on carbon-dating or DNA tests, but on an analysis of the surrounding rock layers.

    Man's Best Friend: Study Identifies 9,400-Year-Old Dog

  • A carbon-dating test put the age of the bone at 9,400 years, and a DNA analysis confirmed it came from a dog – not a wolf, coyote or fox, Belknap said.

    Man's Best Friend: Study Identifies 9,400-Year-Old Dog

  • The project will employ such sophisticated forensic techniques as ground-penetrating radar to locate hidden tombs, carbon-dating and DNA tests.

    Researchers to dig in convent tombs for bones of Mona Lisa model

  • He is now using a battery of tests, including carbon-dating technology, in hopes of eventually comparing the unearthed bones with the DNA of a Caravaggio relative whom Mr. Vinceti is also hunting down.

    Next on CSI: Renaissance, Who Killed Caravaggio?

  • They were shipped to the University of Ravenna, where a research team led by Mr. Gruppioni is carbon-dating them.

    Next on CSI: Renaissance, Who Killed Caravaggio?

  • "You can test for lots of drugs, but there's really no carbon-dating," Olympic gold medalist Bart Conner said.

    More questions surface over Chinese gymnasts' ages

  • Considering the carbon-dating discussion over for now, Castle looked through the notes he had taken in his telephone discussion with Gabrielli.

    The Shroud Codex

  • Rogers began changing his mind when two nonscientists, Joseph Marino and Sue Benford, got textile experts to examine microscopic evidence that cotton had been woven into the linen fibers of that corner where the carbon-dating samples were taken, in a series of repairs made to the Shroud.

    The Shroud Codex

  • “If I am correct, three separate carbon-dating tests have shown the Shroud was made somewhere around 1260 to 1390 A.D. If those results are correct, that would make the Shroud a medieval fake—maybe one of the best forgeries ever done in the history of art forgeries, but a medieval fake just the same.”

    The Shroud Codex


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