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  • n. An electric arc-light.


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  • Geothermal is a carbon-light energy source, writes Nina Shen Rastogi: According to recent life-cycle analyses by Argonne National Laboratory, geothermal power plants emit between 18.7 grams to 103 grams of CO2-equivalent per kilowatt-hour -- polite little hiccups compared with the 1,234.9 g/kWh belched out by coal or the 487 g/kWh by natural gas.

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  • In order to limit the pollution bubble, 'flexibility points' facilitate a process allowing for said polluters to finance carbon-light projects in countries that would otherwise engage in conventional methods of 'development.

    Khadija Sharife: REDD: Seeing the Forest for the Trees

  • Natural gas could serve as a carbon-light 'bridge fuel' while renewable energy sources are still gaining ground in the US energy mix, a new study from MIT says.,

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • Both of those issues cast doubt on arguments that natural gas could serve as a carbon-light "bridge fuel," substituting for coal until more renewable energy arrived.

    Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

  • Beijing has long been reducing China's reliance on labor-intensive - and energy - and carbon-light - industries, where its huge population and very low wages have given it big comparative advantages.


  • The computing giant has begun to offer sustainable procurement consulting services to help companies migrate from traditional products and practices, like fossil-fuel-based resins or how frozen food gets inventoried, to more carbon-light ones. Home Page

  • Plainly speaking, there's got to be a way to combine consideration for how many people with how much each individual consumes-before nudging the door open to preposterous scenarios where the childfree American can consume with impunity, or carbon-light countries encourage their populations to boom without concern.

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  • But while there are arguments to be made for and against guaranteed homes for all, guaranteed jobs for all or a crash programme to engineer a carbon-light Britain (I can't think of arguments against the last one) none of these go to the heart of what Britain faces as it heads towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century.

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  • The carbon-light approach to lighting the traditional Christmas tree is one of the attractions being organized for COP15, the latest round of international climate change talks which start next week.


  • Following in the carbon-light footprints of Simi stores Wal-Mart and Macy's, Pavilions announced last month that it too has taken ecofriendly business practices to new heights: the roof.

    Simi Valley Acorn


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