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  • n. Any amide of a carboxylic acid - RC(=O)NR2.


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  • Finally, the extracellular stresses caused by glucose deprivation or aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide (AICAR; AMPK activator) regulate

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  • Exciting new fungicide group needs careful stewardship has a new carboxamide fungicide in development for cereals, with the aim of a launch in 2012,

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  • The firm is also improving the formulation of its existing carboxamide fungicide,

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  • The side chain of Asp300 moves away from the flavin, disrupting the interaction of the carboxamide group with the flavin O (2) atom, and the a-helix H10 that begins at residue 297 is displaced, altering its dipole interaction with the fla - vin ring [33];,

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  • The new SDHI (carboxamide) fungicides, such as bixafen and isopyrazam, will need to be used in mixtures. "

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