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  • n. The carboxyl group.


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  • The weak laser contained far less energy than standard electrical explosive initiators, the researchers said, yet still ignited a type of functionalized fullerenes called carboxy fullerenes. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Carbon Monoxide combines preferentially with hemoglobin to form carboxy-hemoglobin COHb thereby restricting the amount of hemoglobin which is available to bind to Oxygen.

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  • In man, the carboxy derivative CMMG accounted for 9-14% of an intravenous dose of acyclovir, while essentially none of the 8-hydroxy metabolite appeared in the urine (136,137).

    Nobel Lecture The Purine Path To Chemotherapy

  • · Commercial development requirements, such as dry and wet milling, and derivatives (for instance, methylated and carboxy derivatives of amaranth starch).

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  • ChIP-Seq datasets using an antibody specific for an elongating Pol_II isoform (phosphorylated at Ser5 of the carboxy-terminal domain of Rbp1)

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  • Due to the highly variable nature of their repetitive sequences, spidroin evolutionary relationships have principally been determined from their non-repetitive carboxy

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  • "We hold that 11-carboxy-THC is not a schedule 1 controlled substance," the court said, "and, therefore, a person cannot be prosecuted ... for operating a motor vehicle with any amount of 11-carboxy-THC in his or her system."

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  • While the 2006 ruling deemed the marijuana metabolite 11-carboxy-THC to be a "derivative," this week's decision

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  • SSU0757 also had the Gram-positive cell wall anchoring motif (Leu-Pro-X-Thr-Gly) at the carboxy-terminus, which was followed by a hydrophobic domain.

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  • Jakovljevic J, de Mayolo PA, Miles TD, Nguyen TM, Leger-Silvestre I, et al. (2004) The carboxy-terminal extension of yeast ribosomal protein S14 is necessary for maturation of 43S preribosomes.

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