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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of carboxylate.
  • adj. Converted into a carboxylic acid, normally by the oxidation of an alcohol or aldehyde.


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  • To find out, Jafvert and colleagues simulated environmental exposure by shining natural sunlight on glass tubes filled with carboxylated SWNTs suspended in water.

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  • Still the study "is the first to show that carboxylated SWNTs can produce a variety of ROS under natural conditions," says

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  • They found that after irradiating the tubes for up to 80 hours, carboxylated SWNTs produced all three ROS types.

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  • For MGP to function in this way, it must first be present in its carboxylated form; vitamin K is required for this carboxylation process.

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  • One of the amino acids in the clotting factors, called glumatic acid, is the component of the clotting factors that gets carboxylated.

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  • When too few of the osteocalcin proteins in our bone are carboxylated, our bones have increased risk for fracture.

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  • During the IFNγ-treatment and/or transfection procedure, 2 µm carboxylated latex beads (Polysciences, Warrington, PA) were added to the culture at a dilution of 1: 1000, and the cells were incubated with the latex beads at 37°C overnight.

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  • Each of four different capture monoclonal Abs was covalently coupled to four different carboxylated bead sets (Luminexcorp, Austin, TX, USA) as described elsewhere

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  • The concentration of carboxylated osteocalcin at baseline was inversely associated with a 3-y

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  • BASF's paper chemicals division will close production of XSB (carboxylated styrol butadiene) paper coating binders at its sites in Guturribay (Spain), Kaipiainen (Finland) and Ribécourt (France) by mid-2010.

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