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  • n. Plural form of carcharodontosaurid.


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  • A better understanding of the Australian dinosaurian record is crucial to understanding the global palaeobiogeography of dinosaurian groups, including groups previously considered to have had Gondwanan origins, such as the titanosaurs and carcharodontosaurids.

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  • Australovenator possesses an intermediate trait between Allosaurus and carcharodontosaurids; tibia lateral malleolus distal extension relative to medial malleolus: extends 5% of the length of the tibia, versus 7% or more in Carcharodontosauridae.

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  • Tooth measurements of Fukuiraptor have been compared to carcharodontosaurids, tyrannosaurids and dromaeosaurids using the FABL (Fore-Aft Crown Base Length) vs BW (Tooth Crown Base Width) measurements as an indicator of labio-lingual compression

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  • Resolution within the carcharodontosaurids remained the same as the previous analysis

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  • The teeth do not possess the typical basal crown wrinkles found in carcharodontosaurids, or Wear features are noticeable on four of the teeth, including mesial wear across the tip of the tooth crown and mesio-labial wear across the leading edge of the crowns.

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  • Fukuiraptor, Monolophosaurus and carcharodontosaurids more derived than

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  • Australovenator is younger than Neovenator and Fukuiraptor and similar in age to the more derived carcharodontosaurines on other continents; however, there is yet to be a confirmed presence of carcharodontosaurids in Australia (

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