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from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. winds which blow from the cardinal points due north, south, east, or west.
  • n. See under Cardinal, a.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • those which blow from the cardinal points.
  • n. In the Roman Catholic Church, a member of the Sacred College, a body of ecclesiastics who rank in dignity next to the pope and act as his counselors in the government of the church.
  • n. A cloak, originally of scarlet cloth, with a hood, much worn by women at the beginning of the eighteenth century: so named from its similarity in shape and color to one of the vestments of a cardinal.
  • n. A rich deep-red color, somewhat less vivid than scarlet: named from the color of the vestments of a cardinal.
  • n. A hot drink similar to bishop, but usually made with claret instead of port, of which bishop is compounded.
  • n. In ornithology: A bird of the genus Cardinalis (which see), as the cardinal redbird, Cardinalis virginianus, and some related species, as C. igneus and others, A name applied to several other crested finches of America, as the species of the genus Paroaria, and the Gubernatrix cristatella.


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