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  • n. Plural form of cardiogram.


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  • Although it has been superseded by portable types and by models utilizing amplification techniques used in radio communication (Einthoven has always mistrusted the use of condensers, fearing the distortion of curves), cardiograms from the string galvanometer have remained the standard of reference in numerous cases to this day.

    Willem Einthoven - Biography

  • Mr. Ortega has used the money to strengthen an already potent political machine while funding social programs such as Zero Hunger, Zero Usury, and Houses for the People which give away chickens and cows, provides public transport subsidies, free mammograms and cardiograms as well as cheap loans.

    Nicaragua's Ortega Set to Win Election

  • Mr. Ortega has used the Venezuelan money to strengthen an already potent political machine while funding social programs such as Zero Hunger, which gives away chickens and cows, and Zero Usury, which provides cheap loans, as well as public-transport subsidies and free mammograms and cardiograms.

    Nicaragua's Ortega Wins in Landslide

  • For example, artificial-intelligence researchers, including Kurzweil himself, have invented programs that can read text, translate languages, recognize speech, interpret cardiograms and play championship-level chess.

    Science Cult

  • In coming weeks, researchers at Mayo and nine other centers will perform echo-cardiograms on 1,200 obese patients -- 400 who used fen-phen, 400 who took Redux and 400 untreated controls -- to narrow the search for a culprit.

    After Fen-Phen

  • The blood tests, x-rays, cardiograms, and medications may have burned right through that.

    Firedoglake » Oh, I DO Believe in Faeries…I Do, I Do

  • GUPTA: Electro cardiograms for your heart, and an easy self - testicular (ph) exam.

    CNN Transcript Feb 24, 2006

  • Apparently it's also common there to refer to cardiograms as "heartiograms". "MISPRONOUNCED" WORDS.

  • Next came all the lab results, the cardiograms, and finally the X-ray reports" MRIs, CT scans, angiograms" all peering into the state of his brain.

    Critical Condition

  • After CAT scans and a variety of cardiograms they agree it's not lung cancer or heart trouble or a blood clot.

    CNN Transcript - Larry King Live: Charles Kuralt's Longtime Companion Speaks Out - February 14, 2001


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