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  • adj. That has a favourable (tonic) effect on the action of the heart


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cardio- +‎ tonic


  • After performing several experiments, Withering discovered that this purple-flowered plant was a potent cardiotonic, that is, it improved the heart’s pumping action, helping to rid the body of the excess fluid causing the congestion.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • Hawthorne is a mild cardiotonic that can enhance the pumping action of the heart.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • Digitalis, a potent cardiotonic, is derived from the foxglove plant.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • In the late nineteenth century European physicians discovered that the berries from the hawthorne tree were also a cardiotonic.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • Many herbalists prescribe hawthorne as a cardiotonic to keep healthy hearts healthy.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • The cardiotonic activity of arjuna may be due to either or both its glycoside content or the free-radical scavenging actions of the plant s tannins and flavones.


  • It has a long history of use, and a high level of safety, with clinical evidence to support its cardiovascular benefits, especially its cardiotonic activity.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • This is especially the case for cardiotonic drugs or anti-epileptics, and for drugs that may become toxic such as tetracyclines.

    Chapter 5

  • It is possible to evaluate the concentration of antibiotics, and psychotropic, anti-epileptic, cardiotonic, and other drugs in the blood.


  • Virtually any contemporary victim of heart disease depends on a daily dose of digitalis, a drug extracted from the common European foxglove, a plant used as a cardiotonic in England since the tenth century.

    The Serpent and the Rainbow


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