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  • n. The playing of card games.


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card +‎ playing


  • My mother was the daughter of a strict Baptist matriarch who barred dancing, dating, and cardplaying, and she must have viewed her marriage to my theatrically inclined father as an exciting alternative to small-town life.

    Born Standing Up

  • By night, he stalks the streets of his city combatting adultery, fornication, gambling, cardplaying, excessive display, revealing costumes and religious deviation as THE GENEVA GUARDIAN!


  • One of the most common and popular leisure activities of adults was cardplaying….


  • Look here, let us go to the restaurant instead, there is cardplaying going on there ...

    A Hero of Our Time

  • My intention at first was that he should be robbed, but then I saw robbery would take too much sympathy from my young lad, and I decided the money should be won by the lesser sin of cardplaying, but still behind the scenes.

    New Irish Comedies

  • And it's kind father for you robbing me, where it's often you robbed your own mother, and you stealing away to go cardplaying the half crowns she had hid in the churn.

    Three Wonder Plays

  • This place is a great deal more dissipated in the vacation than in the session and the night I came they were all of them intoxicated in some degree, which, together with cardplaying constituted the principal amusement.

    Letter from James Johnston Pettigrew to Ebenezer Pettigrew, January 13, 1844

  • His deportment was remarkably grave and reserved: but his personal tastes were low and frivolous; and most of the time which he could save from public business was spent in racing, cardplaying, and cockfighting.

    The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 1

  • The circumstances which give a peculiar character to the slaughter of Glencoe, the breach of faith, the breach of hospitality, the twelve days of feigned friendship and conviviality, of morning calls, of social meals, of healthdrinking, of cardplaying, were not mentioned by the Edinburgh correspondent of the Paris Gazette; and we may therefore confidently infer that those circumstances were as yet unknown even to inquisitive and busy malecontents residing in the

    The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 4

  • One of my roommates, Ambrose Lovely from Maine (great name), taught me how to play; throughout the fall and winter, we would stage all-day tournaments on Sautrdays (and cardplaying didn't get in the way of our studying, because we both pulled 4.0 that year).

    Sean Michael Lucas


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